About Us

Chamness Care is a family owned & operated way for life for the Chamness-Tweedy family. Four generations of caring for others has built a history of credibility in the Southern Illinois area.

Chamness Care, Inc., Community Integrated Living Arrangements provide residential services for adults with intellectual disabilities in local community settings.  Settings of eight or fewer individuals are provided with an individually tailored array of services.

Chamness Care, Inc. was founded in December, 1993 when Chamness Care opened its first residential site in Cobden, Illinois.  Since then, we have grown to be known as one of Southern Illinois BEST CILA providers.  We have customized living arrangements from 2 to eight individuals in a home.  Let our family help take care of yours.


The residential population includes individuals eighteen years of age or older with a primary diagnosis of an intellectual disabilities who are in need of 24 hour care or supervision.


The mission of Chamness Care, Inc., is to provide needed residential program services to consumers with intellectual disabilities.  The overall goal is to provide individually focused programs and services for consumers to help overcome deficits and become as independent as possible.  Chamness Care, Inc. will consider its mission accomplished when all individuals with disabilities are participating to the greatest extent possible and as they chose in maximizing physical, social, psychological, intellectual and emotional potential for useful and productive activity alongside their neighboring community members.  For individuals served who are unable to make choices, the guardian or legal representative will act in the best interest of the individual served.


Chamness Care, Inc., a local community provider of Community Integrated Living Arrangements, provides supervised, supportive living environments addressing the preferences, strengths, abilities, needs and life span issues of adults with intellectual disabilities.  Either intermittent or 24-hour supports may be provided, as needed.  Chamness Care expanded our services to include Home Based Services in 2006.

Individuals are provided services and supports designed to achieve the goals and outcomes of the Individual Service Plan.  Qualified staff are DSP trained to help each individual reach their potential. The individual or guardian/legal representative actively participates as a member of the Community Support Team in the development of the Individual Service Plan.  The health and safety needs of individuals served by Chamness Care, Inc. are addressed in the living environment, and opportunities are provided for the persons served to have their own personal space, providing privacy and personal security to individuals.  In many cases we can help secure funding covering the cost of maintaining placement


Each individual must currently have CILA (60D) funding or

  • Be transferring out of a State Operated Care Facility (SODC such as Murray Center, Choate Developmental Center, etc)
  • Be included in the Ligas Lawsuit settlement
  • Qualify for Pre-Award Letter in cases of Abuse, Neglect or homelessness
  • Private Pay monies


Services will be provided to you and or your family members without discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, marital status, unfavorable discharge form the military, the inability to speak or comprehend the English language and any physical or mental disability.  Notice of compliance of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, is posted at the facility.