Home Tour


In 2013 the need arose to serve 4 individuals with compounded medical & behavioral issues.  This home was modified and developed specifically for those being served.  The manager of this CILA is also an LPN who oversees the health & wellness of those served.  The bathroom has been modified to accommodate a lift into the jetted tub and a roll in shower facility.  There are two living rooms to provide families additional privacy during visits.  This home also has two kitchens.  The property has a beautiful dock that stretches over a pond.  The water is home to countless geese and many ducks.  We have to watch or the ducks will actually try to come in the door.


Alba was our first CILA home. It was built late 1993, with its first ladies to call it home in January 1994. The Cobden CILA soon filled to its capacity, (6) and it became necessary to expand to meet the needs of the community. In 2005 the facility underwent a renovation project where the house was doubled in size and became what is now our second accessible facility. This home has 6 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 4 bathrooms and even a swimming pool out side. Those who live there enjoy the wildlife views of the pond behind the house, and the privacy of a dead end street. You can usually find a kitten or momma cat lounging on the back patio.


In 1996, Chamness Care Ash was opened also in Cobden. This century old Victorian is home to 7 gentleman. They enjoy many of Cobden’s local attractions on a regular basis. The “Yellow Moon” Cafe is just around the corner, the Palace Pizzeria is a short walk passed the gas station, and the Mexican food stand is across town. The location of this home promotes natural community inclusion. Other local interests include the “BAld Knob Cross of Peace” which is located in Alto Pass atop Bald Knob Mountain, the highest point in Southern Illinois. The view is breathtaking.


Again, in 1998, the need was apparent for individuals with more severe physical disabilities to be provided with the same opportunities given to others. Chamness Care opened its first accessible facility. This is located in Jonesboro with 8 person capacity. We can serve a large range of physical disabilities in this setting. This home is located near the town square and the local library. Abby, the house mascot keeps a close watch over the ladies who live there.  She is a white fluffy little dog with a big mouth!


Late 2012, the home that had been in the family since it was built in the 1960′s was converted into a small CILA. This little doll house is home to 3 ambulatory females. They love to sit on the porch of an evening and watch the town go by.  They can walk to the gas station and the local diner in less than 5 minutes. They have the safety of being across from the fire station, and a block away from the police department.  They love having their own garage and plenty of storage space.

Sunshine #1

This home is nestled into Johnson City and in such a way that no one from the community would know it was a CILA. This four bedroom home is a comfortable space for those who live there. Two blocks from downtown, it is within walking distance to several little shops.

Sunshine #2

This huge ranch style house is home to 7 individuals with a wide range of needs. There are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The QIDP’s office is in this house as well. There is a nice covered back porch great for grilling out in the summer. “Faith” the family cat roams around seeing what trouble she can get into. She has been a great sensory therapist since she was a kitten.

Noonan House

This individual controlled home is where two brothers called home for years.  Now, the one remaining brother still lives comfortably. Chamness Care provides 24 hour staff in the comfort of their family home.  This unique set up is an example of Chamness Care’s flexible services.

Karnak #1 – Second

This enormous 5 bedroom home was completely renovated in 2011. It is tastefully decorated to the specifications of the ladies who live there. They love running to Paducah, Kentucky to the Kentucky Oaks mall. Situated on a quite back street, they have privacy but are close to the nearby park and ball field. Several of the ladies watch the little league games each night in the summer.

Karnak #2 – School

The 4 “guys” living here are too cool for school! They are athletic sports and video gaming enthusiasts. Most of the time you will find them outside in the driveway shooting hoops each afternoon. They are within walking distance to Map Training Center where they work.